Are you washing your hands?

Better late than never, right? I finally sewed the edges of the one available copy of my 2011 Germ Calendar so I could list it on Etsy after having it for a few weeks.

I figured not having it on a dowel would make it easier and cheaper to ship (fold it and put it in an envelope versus mailing it in a tube), but now that I think about it, having it already on a dowel and heavy string would probably make it more desirable. But I like ease of shipping and handling. I just have mine tacked up on the wall with push pins.

This comes to the idea of fabric prints. If I start making fabric prints of my work (i.e. the Coffee Foodictionary sign or the Stinky Poop Bathroom Sign), should I sew a dowel on it or frame it? I like the idea of framed fabric, but I don’t like the idea of choosing frames that would 1) look good with the fabric PLUS 2) be easy to ship. And by easy, I mean reasonably priced and not easily damaged. Then I have to consider the price of the frame. Too much to think about. Quite frankly, I’m lazy.

“RRRAGE!” the angry germ says.

On a completely different note, I tried making a few cards for Valentine’s Day. Didn’t like the way most of them came out, as well as the one envelope I tried making. We’ll see. I like ONE of the cards I made, so I’m not sure if making cards for Valentine’s Day is a good idea yet. I’ve just been trying to use up the paper I have laying around, so I cut up some ultra bright white cardstock and took out my neglected colored pencils and Sharpies. We’ll see what happens later this week.

EDIT: Noticed way late that my dates were off for February, March, June, and November between the 18th to 20th. You can actually see it in the first photo, as 18 and 19 repeat. Whoopsiedangles.


2 thoughts on “Are you washing your hands?

  1. Thank you so much, Gayathri! For having just revamped and started new for the New Year (blog included), I’m so grateful for all the kind words and exposure I’ve received in just the first few weeks of January!

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