Bacon-turned-pizza donut bar

In an attempt to make a requested maple bacon bar for a friend, I realized I only had 4 colors of felt and 5 fabric paint colors, none of which would combine to make a maple bar. The result was something that looked more like pizza sans cheese on top.

I switched some things up and tried a few different approaches to my felt plush ornament. Instead of 3D fabric paint, I decided to use mainly thread for details and  round glass black beads for the eyes. I thought about glazing it in “chocolate” (with brown fabric paint), but decided to keep this plush fabric-paint-free.

I like how the details look in thread (the smile, blush, and “bacon bits”), and I kind of like how the eyes look, except I put them on too far apart, in my opinion. Whoopsiedangles.

I didn’t have enough time to browse in JoAnn’s this past weekend for other ideas since I had to catch the train, so I didn’t get to look through the button section for black (half-sphere) buttons that I’ve seen used as eyes for kawaii-style items. But I think I’ll get used to these round glass black beads as long as I put just enough space in between the eyes and not too much to the point where it just looks special.

Since this was a trial ornament, I might end up giving it away. I took part in a status-update giveaway on Facebook called “Pay It Forward 2011”. The rules were to be one of the first 5 people to comment on the person’s status who had the “Pay It Forward” update and the first 5 people to comment would get something handmade from that person who had the “Pay It Forward” status. The catch was that once you commented, you had to repost the “Pay It Forward” status on your own profile (rules included) and do the same thing for the first 5 people to comment on your status. Based on the rules, I have until December 31, 2011 to get my handmade items to my 5 people. I’ve already taken care of one, have a sewing kit for another, an idea for another (but I have to look for more materials), waiting for part of another one’s item in the mail, and then there’s person #5. Bacon-turned-pizza donut bar by process of elimination, perhaps?

On a side note, I just realized that all my blog entries were about 8 hours off (8 hours into the future), so, in my OCD-ness, I went back and fixed them all after changing my time settings in WordPress. Thankfully, I didn’t have too many entries. Unfortunately, this makes all the comment timestamps 8 hours off and also breaks all links I have previously made to specific blog posts. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed them after all. Dang. Dang. Double dang.


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