Return of the Cards, part 2

I finally took pictures of my “new” deck of cards. I still like my first custom decks that I created in college (that were laminated), but these look much more standard and professional. Not as unique as my first laminated decks, with photos embedded on the face cards and card backs, but still pretty unique in its elemental design.

I’m still a little worried about the durability of these since they weren’t printed on the typical playing card paper with a linen finish (like the Bicycle brand cards), but I won’t know how they hold up until I keep playing with them. I’m pretty sure the corners get bent easily, as I shipped one deck to my best friend and he said there was already some minor damage on the corners. Not awesome.

As a product, I think they’ll come in small fabric bags, not boxes or cases. I was experimenting with making small bags since my brother had asked me if I could make some small drawstring-type bags for some of his board game pieces, and I think the deck of cards looks even more custom in a fabric bag decorated with some fabric paint (i.e. the suits drawn in pink and black on the bag).

They’re really nice to look at and I’m not even an avid card collector (like my best friend is) or play common card games all that much anymore. My appreciation for decks of cards stemmed from the friendship I have with my best friend. I think it was only natural since I like paper and I like small things, and I guess technically, these are small pieces of paper.

If I end up making another custom deck of cards, I think it will be based around a typeface. My best friend linked me to Helveticards, which I think are pretty sweet, and then I told him, “You know, I guess I could create a deck of cards based around any typeface you want, then.” Yep.



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