The REAL custom coin purses

So I have taken it upon myself to learn how to make mini coin purses (or just zippered pouches) instead of relying on ArtsCow, which can get way too expensive especially without a special promotion going on. I also wasn’t exactly satisfied with ArtsCow’s printing on polyester, so I’m back to using Spoonflower for fabric printing, and a lot of it.

The same nurse that made the Stinky Poop bulk order requested more mini coin purses with a little change in the text and that the zipper be slightly longer. Changing the text was easy, but I obviously can’t control the outcome of the zipper on the coin purse via ArtsCow, so to work with her, I researched how to make zippered coin purses. I found two really great tutorials for two different kinds of zippered coin purses, but I had already ordered fabric from Spoonflower, so I could only follow one tutorial based on how I laid out the fabric design.

This tutorial* was perfect, since I had laid out the coin purse pieces in 4 parts (2 outside fabric pieces and 2 inside fabric pieces for lining, a total of 4 fabric squares per coin purse). The first zippered pouch tutorial** only required one long piece of fabric; I really liked this pouch, since the zipper would lay flat on the front, but it wouldn’t work with the fabric I ordered. I ended up testing out the tutorial when I got home, since I couldn’t exactly visualize everything in my head at work without having some physical fabric and a zipper in front of me.

I used some fabric scraps leftover from some of my 2011 calendars, and had a couple loose zippers laying around (because I was playing on making bigger zippered pouches in the future just to do something). The outcome wasn’t too shabby!

I ordered the upholstery weight cotton twill from Spoonflower, but my test was done with Spoonflower’s linen-cotton canvas. Hopefully the switch between canvas to twill for the actual order won’t make too much of a difference, and hopefully I gave enough room on the fabric for sewing edges so that the final product will come out at just the right size. I’m a little nervous for this bulk order, since it’ll be something new, but it’s definitely going to be an experience, and I’m actually kind of excited to get going on it!

Hope everyone has a great upcoming Valentine’s Day Weekend!

* Tutorial #1
** Tutorial #2


2 thoughts on “The REAL custom coin purses

  1. Thanks for the two links to the tutorials…I’m about to do some pouches & I’ve never sewn a zipper before. I’m scared! LOL

    • You’re welcome! I was nervous when I first dealt with zippers as well! I still get nervous running them under my sewing machine sometimes. Have fun with the pouches! : )

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