A pocketful of donuts

I had some leftover fabric from when I made the Stinky Poop mini coin purse bulk order, but after finishing up 24 coin purses, I wanted to take a break. More importantly, I wanted my sewing machine to get a little break.

As we all know, I love donuts. So, what better to complement my mini plush donuts with mini donut coin purses? I was able to fit in about 8 donut mini coin purses on the fabric design layout for the Stinky Poop mini coin purses bulk order; I finally sat down today and made them.

Cute, right? I’d keep one for myself, but I already have so many coin purses and wallets. My pillow case matches the new mini coin purses, so it’s quite all right since I get to rest my head on donuts every night.

After getting practice on coin purse making from the bulk order, my mini donut coin purses turned out pretty well! I still wouldn’t continue making coin purses with the upholstery weight cotton twill, though; the twill makes the coin purses fairly sturdy, but I think I much rather prefer working with lighter fabric (the cotton canvas, even) for the coin purses.

I also put up a couple new listings for individual mini ABC pillows (“M is for Mug” and “U is for Underwear”) since I had time to make something else. Mugs and underwear don’t exactly hit the spot like bacon (or like poop, apparently), but they’re still cute!

Check out the listing for the mini donut coin purses here!


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