Happy 1 year, I MADE it!

One year ago, I opened up shop on Etsy.com. I’ve come a long way from my Around The House sign series (for messy roommates), and from stinky poop products I started featuring felt doughnuts. Within a year, I have learned a massive amount about running an Etsy shop on my own on top of a day job plus a supplemental job already, the quirks of having a “hobby” such as this, and best of all, I have made new friends and connections.

I remember having no idea what I was doing on this day in 2010, except that a friend told me that my ATH signs were awesome and I should sell them. I ran into a few issues with shipping and handling (to Canada), I invested in my first sewing machine, I’ve undersold some of my work, I’ve lost money on some projects from my own miscalculations, and there have been times where I’ve wondered, “Am I doing this right? Is this all worth the trouble and research?” But honestly, overall, it has been a good year.

A couple of weeks ago, I was found and contacted on Etsy by a pair of sisters from San Francisco who own a local shop (www.parkandpond.com) in North Beach. They wanted to carry my products in their shop! I was thrilled, ecstatic, and knew this was a huge opportunity for me. Despite having a new full time job I thoroughly enjoy, a supplemental job of teaching violin locally that is amazingly rewarding, and having a handful of design clients on my own for freelance projects, I decided to take the opportunity. Do I sound crazy? Maybe. But I love everything I’m doing from typography related ventures to music to design and crafting.

The rest of the year is crowded on my calendar, but I have high hopes that it’ll lead into a great start for 2012. I still have a lot to learn and explore, but happy 1 year to MADE on Etsy!


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