Made by (me) Monday: Hungry heating pads

My family and my boyfriend’s family were left kind of dry this year (compared to last year, at least) when it came to my Christmas presents to them, since I had put the majority of my time and effort into my brother’s present, HelvetiCatan. I had to come up with some quick ideas, and as I had recently gotten into Pinterest, I remembered I pinned a DIY hand-warmer idea that someone had linked to. They were little felt hearts stuffed with uncooked rice, cute and microwaveable so that you could place them in your jacket pockets during the winter season to keep your hands warm on-the-go.

On top of that, one of my co-workers had ordered a large microwaveable neck warmer filled with beans (I think?) and let me try it. I was convinced these things were awesome.

My mom and my boyfriend’s mom were the first ones on the list. With my mom being a pig-lover (from Piglet to Babe to Wilbur to pork and bacon) ever since I can remember, I figured I could use up some old pink fleece that had been sitting in a bag in my room for about half the year. While most of my characters were donuts, I figured that creating characters on long rectangles would be new, exciting, and a little challenge. In less than two hours, I had my first heating pad made, and I was quite impressed!

On the other hand, my boyfriend’s mom is a coffee-lover, so I created a couple plush coffee beans to stick in the corner of her heating pad. In the end, hers looked like a delicious chocolate bar. In this case, I guess its name would be Mocha.

When I made my third heating pad, I realized that I made “Piggy” and “Mocha” a bit on the large side. But, they’re still cute! I didn’t get to test these before gifting, but both moms seemed real happy and had actually seen or heard of such microwaveable heating pads recently, so it wasn’t a hassle explaining what they were. When my sister-in-law tried her “Bunny” pad, she said it was great, but an undocumented feature was that with the rice filling, after heating it, the smell started making her hungry.

I’m still working out the details and such on my heating/cooling pads before I release them into my Etsy store, mainly:

  1. Uncooked rice or cherry pits for filling? Cherry pits are washable, rice is not.
  2. Fabric choices: stay with fleece? Very comfy, but might be too stretchy or doesn’t contain heat as well as a more cotton fabric. 
  3. Sizing.
Characters would vary; besides what I have already created (Piggy, Bunny, and Mocha), Bacon sounds very good and very doable!


Let me know what you think:

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