A relaxing personal side project

While the weekend was indeed rainy, Saturday proved to be a little bit on the sunny side up which helped me get out of bed and into a few neighboring cities down. After a satisfying bento box lunch followed by lychee and melon gelato followed by a movie followed by a big order of almond bubble tea, I spent a little time at Barnes & Noble and came across the Dresses (Built by Wendy) book. I already own her Sew U book, and I’ve had a recent indulgence in dresses lately, so I had a strong urge to get this book. I didn’t, though, because the line suddenly grew ten times its size and I didn’t have the patience to wait around — I will get it eventually, though! (My mind is very set on making at least one dress for myself for the springtime.)

Being quite a lazy weekend, I spent a good amount of time in bed watching TV and knitting. I haven’t knit in a while, and I never was great at it — I know just the basic stuff and can only make straightforward things like simple scarves and potholders. Sitting down with two needles and a stash of yarn I’ve had sitting around since high school (a big bag of cheap acrylic yarn for “practice projects”) reminded me of how relaxing the action is. Because I’m only good enough at it to do simple stitches, I can knit with my eyes on the TV half the time since I don’t do elaborate work or follow patterns.

One of my good friends is amazing at knitting and crocheting (and I hope she opens a shop soon enough with her work!), but I love knitting just enough for my own things. I don’t knit fast or efficiently enough to actually whip out projects to sell, but I’m quite all right with that. It’s something I see as a de-stresser when life starts moving too fast. Taking time out and knitting is so calming.

I had an idea for very simple leg warmers. I’ve had yarn sitting around for years, but I didn’t want to use the acrylic Red Heart yarns I had for scarves — my neck (specifically) has grown to become itchy when in contact with this yarn for too long. I figured making leg warmers would be a good way to finish and put this yarn to use. I need to get my hand on some pink satiny ribbon that I’m thinking of weaving through the top of the leg warmers so I can tie it at the top. I had a funny idea of attaching my chocolate felt plush donuts to the top with the pink ribbon, though I think that would make me keep these leg warmers to use at home only.

Although I’m not a quick knitter, I wonder if anyone would actually crave some girly donut leg warmers (neapolitan flavored, really, with cream colored yarn, chocolate donuts, and pink ribbon!) . Something to deliciously ponder!


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