The Happy Hour fabric collection

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I was looking through some old files of mine when I spotted something I liked. I had a few mockups of some designs that were never used, so I took out the text and used the elephant illustration I made for a new fabric collection on Spoonflower.

Not my typical kawaii-style design since not everything has big beady eyes and a cute smile, but it’s still a style I like: smooth, thinning brush-like strokes with slightly out-of-the-lines coloring. If my target audience isn’t children or lovers of all things kawaii, then this is the kind of aesthetic I like to work with if I can. Something I haven’t done much of but will as I continue to design!

I started with one elegantly pink-gowned elephant and expanded from there. Initially, I created a ditsy-style pattern on a yellow pastel background with small yellow stars scattered around, but when I looked over the result again and again, it seemed to childish for something not childish at all. It’s not in my plan to market alcoholic fabric designs for children’s things!

So, I ended up with 2 elephant-based patterns (a large scale half-brick repeat and a slightly smaller scale half-drop repeat for variety) and 3 cocktail-based patterns. I thought that these patterns would make cute “cocktail dresses” between the wine-background elephant print as the dominant dress pattern with the spilled cosmo print as a fabric for a sash for the dress. And the mixed martini print would be cute as a dress, too!

I’m glad Spoonflower has “collections” now, as I can order test swatches of fabrics in collections for a discounted price — it’s definitely something to take advantage of if you’re a Spoonflower designer!


Let me know what you think:

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