In need of a new cocktail dress?

I received my sample swatches for my Happy Hour fabric collection from Spoonflower yesterday in the mail. I love getting mail.

After a couple years of using Spoonflower, I’m still somewhat bad at personally visualizing how big my prints will be even when Spoonflower has nice yellow rulers along the fabric preview to show me, in inches, the measurements of my design.

After taking a good look at my 5 swatches, I was completely satisfied with 2 of my prints (Elegant Elephants in gray and Tee Many Martunis), but thought that my Elegant Elephants in Wine and Love Potion patterns were too large scale for what it was, so I adjusted the dpi on Spoonflower and made them slightly smaller. I still wanted a somewhat gradual difference in sizing, so I made a very tiny adjustment to the Spilled Cosmo pattern (though I thought they were cute at their smallest size!) but generally kept it so that from small to large, I would have three different cocktail pattern sizes:

Spilled Cosmo = small
Tee Many Martunis = medium
Love Potion = large

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how they came out. I think I will eventually want a “cocktail dress” in my Tee Many Martunis pattern with a black sash and/or trim. For part of my Lenten resolution, I gave up all drinks except water, tea, milk, coffee, and orange juice, so I’ll have to wait to make this cocktail dress until after Easter, lest I get tempted.

I don’t think I would actually want to make a cocktail dress out of the Elephant Elephant prints, though a skirt in the gray pattern might be cute if I make the repeat smaller. I think these two patterns might be better suited for bags or totes.

Since I got my swatches, these patterns are now available for sale on Spoonflower to the public in case you want to make your own cocktail worthy attire or accessories!


2 thoughts on “In need of a new cocktail dress?

  1. Hi, Nami! Thanks for the kind words! I was really glad to find your recipe on steamed cupcakes; I’ll definitely have to try experimenting with flavors.

    Maybe we’ll run into each other at a local craft fair or food event in the future! : )

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