Orange I cute?

While orange is my least favorite shade on a basic color wheel, I’ve begun to learn tolerance towards the construction cone color. I knew I’d get over it consider I do love oranges. I can’t keep hating a color if I love the fruit with the same name so much!

Matching a printable PDF stationery available in my Etsy shop, I created and printed three new designs in January for more medium sized ABC pillows for my Etsy shop. I love this little group of orange slices too much not to feature them on a pillow. And I’m cheesy enough to keep that phrase alive. Orange I cheesy?

The “O is for Orange” pillows are now available on Etsy!

After eating a couple tiny oranges at work, I realized I should probably sew my newer pillows up. This little cutie provided a little inspiration, so when I got home I made the three orange pillows. I have more pillows to make with different designs on them — stay tuned!

And in the meantime, grab an orange! Get a good dose of vitamin C, because there’s some kind of cold going around!


Let me know what you think:

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