Friendship bracelets

The trend nowadays just seems to be general nostalgia. Retro design from the 50s, vintage dresses  from the 60s era, (e.g. Mad Men), leggings and legwarmers updated from the 80s look, and now neons (a bright reminder of the 90s). I can’t agree with wearing neons myself, but everything else, sure. So, when I saw a pattern earlier this week for embroidery thread bracelets reminiscent of the friendship bracelet rage in my middle school years, I inevitably became nostalgic and wanted to do this.

I remember learning about the basic knotting pattern that produced a diagonal stripe while watching Sailor Moon — a ritual of running home from school around the corner in time to turn on the TV right by the front door to catch the opening song of Sailor Moon that started at 3:00pm. There was one episode where the girls in school were making them. I remembered the basic knotting method that forms the shape of the number “4” ever since. You can research the episode called “Promises Fulfilled” in Sailor Moon R (Season 2 out of 5) for my reference.

I spent the weekend away from home at a friend’s, so on our shopping trip out, we stopped by JoAnn’s and picked up a pack of embroidery thread. 36 skeins of thread, 2 skeins per color — plenty of room for practice, mistakes, and finished bracelets!

We were originally inspired by finding this heart pattern for friendship bracelets, but after a couple failed attempts, we decided to do the simple diagonal pattern first. It was quite a therapeutic experience sitting there after dinner with background music just knotting away.

I also ended up purchasing some skeins of Caron’s Simply Soft yarn; this brand is probably my favorite reasonably priced 100% acrylic yarn (in the words of a beginner knitter). They aren’t scratchy (like Red Heart) and I like the slight sheen it has. They were on sale for almost half-off, so I picked up four different colors. I’m not entirely sure if I can pull off a pair of legwarmers using two skeins a pair, but whether I make legwarmers of scarves, I know I want to pair the green with the white and the coral with the light aqua. I wanted a bright, rich teal, but figured these colors were better suited for spring, and the coral-aqua combination is all over the place this season.

But speaking of yarn, the friendship bracelet patterns are totally doable with yarn. My friend started trying the heart pattern with yarn and it looked cute! The same length of yarn can be measured out as stated in the pattern, the bracelet will just be wider. Using yarn instead of embroidery thread makes your pattern easier to see and less likely to get all tangled up in the process; it would also be a better option if you want to make a choker or lanyard since it’ll be thicker and wider.

Make a bracelet and make a wish!


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