Legwarmers, Round 2!

Now that I have kind of gotten back into knitting, I make it a point to set aside an hour or two (or three, if schedule permits) dedicated to knitting right before bed. I’m surprised my brain and body haven’t been conditioned yet to start getting ready for sleep when I knit now, but thankfully I only get relaxed and not too sleepy and can still knit during the day on weekends! With this regular routine, I was able to finish my second pair of legwarmers in about two weeks.

Since my first pair was pretty basic, I decided to do just a little bit more with my second pair. In an effort to use up as much of my Red Heart yarn still in my hands, I thought it would be a good idea to combine the colors with the main part of the legwarmers being blue and the ribbed part up top the cream color (same yarn as my first pair). I found a couple packs of buttons in a bag hanging by my craft table and decided it would be cute to add a button on each legwarmer. Initially, I wanted to add two buttons per legwarmer, but the button packs I had contained six random buttons each resulting in an insufficient amount of any one color.

I was kind of sad about not having 4 buttons of the same color, so I proceeded to try and match up different color combinations. Between brown, different shades of blue, teals, light greens, and pinks, I wasn’t satisfied with the combinations I was trying. So, I ended up folding down the ribbed section of the legwarmers and attaching one button on the outer side of each legwarmer.

My pattern was pretty simple:

1. Cast on 50 stitches (I used size 7 needles)
2. Seed stitch to desired legwarmer length (length of calves plus a little extra if you like it to bunch up at the bottom)
3. Switch to another color yarn and knit 25 rows of a 2×2 rib
4. Sew up the edges with wrong side facing you (turn inside out once done)
5. Fold ribbed section over
6. Sew a button on the outer side of the folded ribbed section
7. Make 2!

You can choose to sew the folded rib down so it doesn’t unfold. The ribbed section fits very snugly around my calves when folded (and even when it was unfolded, before sewing on the button), so give or take some stitches when casting on your width. The folded top plus button gives a little extra cuteness. Also, since the seed stitch isn’t a snug fit like ribbed stitching, these legwarmers may sort of look like they flare out slightly at the bottom when bunched up. Kawaii!


Let me know what you think:

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