Etsy Finds: An abecediary attraction

Last year, my heart was captured by the Etsy shop, Isette, which featured an Ampersand Jewelry Collection (I have the studs). Jennifer is an extremely personable shop owner from the midwest and I purchased other things from her shop as well (such as the heart studs in bamboo and black plastic). A couple days ago on Isette’s Facebook page, she introduced her typographically obsessed husband, who opened up his own Etsy shop, Abecediary. You can’t even begin to imagine the excitement that was scrawled all over my face when I saw this news.

While he has only three items listed in his shop, all wooden alphabets set in Bookman Old Style, Jennifer responded to my excitement via Isette’s Facebook page that he was working on other alphabets set in Rockwell. I know that whatever work goes into this shop, I will undoubtedly enjoy and yearn for. I am still deciding which size I want in my new home! If he does indeed come out with abecediary after abecediary in different fonts, I will want to collect them in the same size.

You can find these abecediaries listed in his shop here:

Small Bookman Abecediary, 6″ by 6″ for $20
Medium Bookman Abecediary, 9″ by 9″ for $30
Large Bookman Abecediary, 12″ by 12″ for $40 

There is nothing wrong with decorating your home with an alphabet or two even if you aren’t a teacher!


Let me know what you think:

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