TGIFF: Thank Goodness It’s Font Friday

After forgetting to make an Etsy Finds post last Friday, in part, due to FontShop sponsoring TYPO — an international design conference that was brought to the US for the first time — I realized that maybe my Friday posts should be about fonts since I do look at them all day as part of my job. Etsy Finds posts will come and go as they please, now, I suppose.

But having said that, Friday is the day most of people look forward to: end of the week, ready to go home and just plop down and relax. Or at least that’s what I like to do.

Font Fridays will be quick ‘n’ easy. Here’s a small font collection I like: Alda Italics. I spoke about these fonts briefly in my post about the letter K.

Keepin’ it short since I’m still sick! Cheers (with ginger ale)!


Let me know what you think:

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