My Spoonflower Votes: Hand-drawn designs

There were so many beautiful, pretty, well-drawn, and intricate entries for this week’s Spoonflower contest — but that is exactly why I didn’t want to be too generous in my votes. I decided to be pickier while browsing and reviewing my votes in the end because there were so many to choose from. This week’s contest featured and showcased so many artists — I’ll have to go back and find some of them again.

Tree of life by dinorahdesign. Oh my goodness, how beautiful is this? So detailed and lovely in its elements and vivid colors. If I could have this as a wallpaper — the possibilities! Or if I could just get a set of framed prints, each print one individual tree, that would be quite amazing.

Henna Birds by dianef. While this reminded me of Twitter for its basic subject (a simple, rounded bird shape) and the light blue coloring, there is definitely something alluring about this design. The henna details confined within the birds and then abruptly interrupted on a line by a knockout bird in white or brown is quite a pretty visual.

Dogs by philippa_riceI love this. Fun, quirky, and warm. I love the various expressions, the different dog shapes, the coziness of the colors together.

My other votes included:

There were so so so many entries in this contest! It was pleasing to the eye. I haven’t had the time and energy to spend on Spoonflower contests for a while, but the more I browse, skim, and vote on entries, the more I keep reminded myself that I need to get creative for fabric again!


Let me know what you think:

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