My Spoonflower Votes: Dinos & Dodos

Not that I’m a huge fan of dinosaurs and dodos, but they can be pretty entertaining. There were several entries in this week’s Spoonflower contest that were of other extinct animals, but I found myself drawn to these four designs the most, which happened to be half and half on dinos and dodos:

dodo-love by tabula_rosi. Fancy! I love the simplicity but still detailed work here. Not too busy and a limited color palette.

dodo by thebon. Even simpler than the other dodo entry, but I’m definitely a fan of teal + gray color combinations.

Swirly Dinosaurs by lilichi. While I didn’t vote for this just because my favorite color is green, I do appreciate the use of it as the background color. The intricate details within the dinosaur silhouettes are absolutely amazing!

Dinosaurs cheater quilt by petitspixels. Too cute! While I haven’t tried my hand at a cheater quilt yet (sewing, not designing), this is just too cute. It’s vivid and happy, which I like a lot!



Let me know what you think:

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