WIP Wed: 4 giant donuts comin’ right up!

This week, working on giant plush donuts again! It’s been a while since I’ve cut up some felt and sewn up circles for delicious zero-calorie goodies.

Last night, I told myself it would be an all-nighter. I made it to 11:30pm and called it quits — I still don’t know how I did it in school (seriously, I feel like sludge now when I stay up past even midnight on any given day, even Fridays)! But I didn’t go to bed feeling unproductive. Four happy faces on the kitchen table are sitting waiting to be sewn up and stuffed with love. That last pink frosted one still needs some sprinkles though.

And if you want to get your hands on one while my Etsy shop is on vacation mode, hop on over to Park & Pond in the SF North Beach neighbood and find them there starting Saturday again!


One thought on “WIP Wed: 4 giant donuts comin’ right up!

  1. oOooo! Those are so cute! Everyone could use a zero calorie donut! Just the other day I was thinking about sewing too… haven’t gotten around to that yet 🙂 I think I have the opposite problem you do, I can’t seem to sleep early :<

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