WIP Wed: Yarn Pixels


Last week, I saw something about “yarn pixels” on Twitter — great name for crocheted granny squares (or in my case, small knitted squares). So that is what I’m calling my WIP.

I decided to start on a blanket for a gift. I fell in love with the woven basket stitch, and I wanted to keep knitting with that stitch, so I took on this massive project.

Originally, the blanket was based on a design that called for 896 squares, and with each of these yarn pixels being just about 3 sq. inches each, that would’ve made the blanket roughly 7 feet by 7 feet more or less. At first, I thought that was pretty cool. Then a few days of pacing myself at 2 squares/day, I actually took the time to calculate how many squares I should be knitting a day by a deadline. When I saw that I should be knitting 11 squares a day to finish in time, I mentally stressed out when I realized each square took my ~30 minutes to knit. I wasn’t about to pull all-nighters every night from here on out.

I altered my design so that it calls for only 483 squares. Seems more reasonable — I think I can do it. 6 squares a day? Let’s see what happens.


Let me know what you think:

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