A few days ago, I found this “Charcoal drawing” blog post randomly — it was written a couple years ago and it linked back to a portfolio I had up on Flickr once upon a time.

Even though my portfolio is no longer on Flickr, I remembered exactly which charcoal drawing this guy was talking about, so I dug deep into my external hard drives to find a backup of it.

Pictured to the left, this charcoal study had “made a big impression” for the person looking at it. I thought, whoa, really? All I remember was that I did this in-class during one of my 3-hour studio classes, Drawing 1, back around 2008. I do remember, however, that charcoal was my favorite medium during that time and if it wasn’t so messy, I’d probably pick it up again for fun. I’m sure I still have some of my sticks and pencils from that time collecting dust somewhere.

Make me kinda miss college. Kinda.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design



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