642 Things update

Still keeping up my daily Speed Drawing in my 642 Things sketchbook. It’s been a nice thing to turn to during lunchtime breaks or right before bedtime.

I’m surprised that I haven’t ripped out pages or completely scribbled out any one drawing in this book yet. I’m notorious for not being able to truly keep a sketchbook or notebook because I look back at past entries or sketches and rip out pages or throw it away because I don’t like something anymore. Talk about being one’s harshest critic, right?


I’m also bad at just drawing something without having to go over my lines again, whether to make the circle more round or that line even straighter. The end result just becomes sloppy. Using my fineliner pens for my 642 Things sketches is a practice towards being confident in drawing. Growing up, I’ve always panicked without pencils and erasers when sketching because — oh my — what if I make mistakes? Or what if the line I draw isn’t straight?!

I’ve been so used to sketching by running over my lines again and again or erasing all over the place (which gets really messy), and I wanted to stop that. I want to be able to just draw without so much worry. And so what I forgot to close a circle or there’s a bump in my line — it’ll just turn into part of my sketching style. No problem.

I also just remembered I have cute 4″ by 4″ canvases sitting around and a stash of 3D paint bottles. Something tells me I might enjoy turning some of these into quick, tiny products for others to enjoy.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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