Font Friday: Why I tolerate Comic Sans

kapibarasan-comicsansI like going to Japan. And Japan seems to be partial to Comic Sans.

Comic Sans is all over Japanese stationery. But it’s kind of appropriate. Japanese stationery is cute. Comic Sans was meant to be friendly. It all works out. I’m not trying to justify Comic Sans, I’m just saying why I can tolerate it, because I like cute things and still buy stationery to write snail mail letters. That’s right.

Kapibara-san is one of my favorite Japanese characters (its theme song is too cute and plays on loop at the Kapibara-san Shop at Tokyo Station!). My bunny (Kapi) is named after it. And admit it, capybaras are pretty damn cool. Largest guinea pigs ever!

But, it still remains that Comic Sans does not belong on or with the majority of things it’s found on today.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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