Design Tips: You don’t need a Mac

surfaceproI grew up using Macs but learned to love PCs, too (and to my surprise, when I did, it’s not rocket science). (Gasp!

There’s nothing wrong with using one or the other, but not having an Apple desktop or mobile device shouldn’t invalidate someone as a designer.

Being a designer means much more than what we use or own. We’re problem solvers, educators, and an important part of any community. There’s a difference between being a designer and being someone who just owns “designer things”.

Solving a layout problem, fixing a kerning pair, or retouching a photo doesn’t differ whether you’re hitting Ctrl-Z instead of Cmd-Z. That’s only a pinky’s difference. When I post finished vector work, can you really tell if I used Illustrator on my mid-2007 white 13″ MacBook or my Dell XPS 8300 desktop? If the applications you need to use are available for both platforms, having one or the other is a personal preference, in my opinion.

And that’s my simple “design tip” of the day. I’ve heard many times, in one way or another, “Mayene, I’m surprised you don’t have an iPhone. You’re a designer!” Hey, I’m not designing on my phone, what’s that got to do with anything?

PS. I love my Surface Pro.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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