Font Friday: Bariol from atipo



I’m always on the lookout for cute/friendly fonts for my MADE products or what have you. Or just because I like cute fonts. So, when a Twitter-buddy of mine (@benbennybenben) tweeted about this free font called Bariol last week, my eyes popped out with excitement.

I love Bree. So, seeing the similarly sweetly tucked curves in the descenders of the lowercase “g” and “y” in Bariol made my heart leap with joy. It’s like FF DIN Round and Bree had a baby and Bree convinced FF DIN Round to include italics. /nerd

I’m not too familiar with the “paying by social media” method (“Pay with a Tweet or Facebook”), but that’s interesting. However, only the Regular and Regular Italic weights are available in this manner — I’ll probably dig into my wallet and pay with more than tweet since I’d be interested in snagging the bold weights, too.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


2 thoughts on “Font Friday: Bariol from atipo

    • I actually didn’t yet — I’ve been playing around and using other fonts that I haven’t gotten around to Bariol. Hm, have you emailed Atipo about that? That’s strange.

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