Made By Me Monday: Sketching my nephew

sketch-WIP-matthewLast week, I was doing a mix of things. Between work, rehearsing music, starting a Coursera class on design, stuffing new ABC pillows for RAG SF and taking product pictures, I developed a massive headache all of last week, which was probably a combination of sinus pressure from allergies plus overworking my brain. It got extremely bad on Thursday and so I took it easy on Friday, worked from home and visited my nephew Friday night and watched him “eat” a slice of watermelon for the first time.

sketch-WIP-matthew2The headache last week was a good reminder to take a break from things every once in a while, which is something that’s always been on my mind since seeing Satsuki Shibuya at TYPO SF last month.

As someone who wants to always be on the go or do something creative, it’s hard to just sit there and do nothing without feeling some kind of guilt. So how did I take it easy last week (besides watching my nephew eat)? I sat down one night and brewed some delicious honeydew green tea from Lupicia and sketched. After looking through lots of cute photos of my nephew, I chose one to use as my sketching reference — because I absolutely suck at drawing people realistically from pure memory.


After a couple hours, I decided to stop. This was leisurely sketching, so I didn’t want to take it too seriously. I left this sketch unfinished and I’m quite ok with that. Last time I attempted to draw a baby/toddler was back in August, when I sketched little Antoshka for fun, just to test my skills:


It’s amazing to compare the differences (mainly, of having better pressure sensitivity using a Surface Pen in Sketchbook Pro compared to using a Bamboo Wacom Stylus with a fat rubber tip on a Kindle Fire in Sketchbook Mobile) between then and now, especially with basically an 8-month gap of not drawing people.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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