Throwback Thursday: Teddy bear love


I wish I still had my physical prints from taking Photography I in college — maybe I do and my studio space at home is just not organized enough that it’s buried deep down somewhere I forgot about.

This one is still one of my favorites. I somehow got one of my Photography I classmates, who was two years my junior and I had mentored at a summer program at Notre Dame the months leading up to his freshman year, to agree to take pictures with a teddy bear on campus in public — this is one of the shots. It was a series featuring “single” shots (lonely photos of himself) and “couple” shots (happy photos on a date with a teddy bear). I can’t remember the artist statement for this series, but I guess it doesn’t matter because it was probably some bullshit that I thought about after I took all the photos anyway. You know how that goes.

I still have this bear, and he (let’s put a name to the character: it’s Constable) makes appearances every once in a while, like on my Ravelry profile where he wears some of my knitted items proudly. He was a gift from my cousin for being her flower girl at her wedding (almost 20 years ago).

Sometimes I miss developing in a dark room. Most times, I do not.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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