Tuesday Thoughts: Oh, hello friend

ohhellofriend1My first purchase on Storenvy was this Alphabet Stamp Kit. One of my addictions is collecting fonts in the form of stamps. When I found oh, hello friend on Storenvy, I immediately Envied this stamp set and knew I would get it eventually. It had uppercase, lowercase, numbers AND punctuation all in one go. How could I turn that down?

ohhellofriend2I ordered in on June 6th and just got this past weekend. I was ok with the wait as I wasn’t needing it super immediately. To my surprise, the package came with extra goodies and a tiny cute apology note saying sorry for the wait. I love me some freebies from such a lovely store!

The packaging was fantastic and the smell of the new wooden box holding my new stamp collection was enveloping. It was like smelling a well-brewed beer on a sunny Saturday morning. Happiness!

ohhellofriend3I almost don’t want to use these stamps because they’re so cute in the box upside down. I also feel like I need to carry them around with my everywhere so I can stamp everything.

Obsessed, I know!

I still have to break-in some of my other alphabet stamps (like the large sans-serif ones), so I think this set will stay fresh for a while. Eeeee, so lovely!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: Oh, hello friend

  1. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS!! I too have a bit of an obsession for collecting stamp letters. I have four different sets, and honestly, how many does one really need?? But I can’t stop! They can be used for so many things! Definitely going to check out the store now, thanks for sharing!

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