Continuing the 1AM Promise

Halfway through 2013, I found out about the 1AM Promise on To restate:

The promise basically states to buy one handmade item per month in an effort to support the handmade community and all the small businesses out there doing great things with their very own hands.

While I was saying my goodbyes to California Made Mercantile / RAG SF at the start of this year, I looked around at the handmade items that were still sitting around waiting to either be picked up by their makers or bought before their makers stopped by for the last time.

I found [un]possible cuts on Etsy first, but then saw some of their jewelry in person while at CA Made Mercantile. Couldn’t resist the wing earrings and then spotted sakura earrings as well (pictured above). And that was my first 1AM Promise purchase of the year.

Take the promise with me and support handmade!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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