The Boston Cream Donut & The Bunny

When I worked at FontShop, one of my coworkers bought a few things from my shop. One of them was the Giant Boston Cream Plush Donut for her daughter. The next morning after she gave the donut to her daughter, she came into work and told me that her daughter said she loved the donut and it was her “new best friend.” My heart pretty much melted and you probably could’ve stirred my knees with a spoon. I love it when the things I create make kids happy!

Last year before I left FontShop, I asked my coworker if she could take pictures of her daughter with the donut since I don’t have many customer photos.


“They’re a series of sequential shots where she uses the pillow as a bed for her bunny. What really cracks me up is that the bunny is looking straight at the camera in the last one.”

When she sent me the pictures, my heart was warmed again. Donuts and bunnies! Two of my favorite things! Ahh, smiles left and right looking at these pictures again and remembering the story my coworkers told me.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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