My Wish, Your Wish


I was digging through old school work and came across my Studio Photography final project from 2008. I designed a mini notebook (about 5″ by 5″) called “My Wish, Your Wish” based around the idea of origami lucky/wishing stars that I took pictures of.


Around this time, I was getting to know my now-best-friend Andy in school. He was teaching me how to make various types of origami stars (above is a picture of two stars we made out of metallic cardstock, the blue one being his and the pink one mine). He also let me borrow a jar of 1,000 super tiny glow-in-the-dark stars one of his childhood friends gave him.


The Artist Statement for this project is pretty cheesy, now looking back on it:

Whether we wish on shooting stars or when we see that the time is 11:11 or while we blow out the candles on our birthday cake, we should always continue to hope. Even when the stars disappear, when the clock ticks 11:12 and you’re a minute “too late,” or all that is left of the flame is a wisp of smoke, our hope for something good to happen should not die out.

And when my friends ponder and wish and reflect, I hope they all genuinely smile inside and out. In this pocket book, as a gift, they can write their wishes to share or to keep to themselves. But as they look at the stars and the endless black backgrounds at any given time of the day, I hope they remember to never stop wishing, dreaming, and believing.

Believing in yourself is the priority.


I ended up getting a bunch of these mini “wishing notebooks” made and gave them to my friends for Christmas that year!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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