Handwriting on Caps Lock

banner-wipwednesdayifontmaker_testI recently learned about iFontMaker through a fellow maker from NC (@emdashpaperco). Emily posted a WIP picture on Twitter when she made her first font, Rookie Medium, and I was pretty intrigued in the program she was using. I was also pretty happy to see it available in the Windows Store. So, I bought it for my Surface Pro.

It’s super fun! There’s another font editor I was looking into (Type 3.2), which would be fun to mess around in for non-handwritten fonts, but for now iFontMaker is a cute program to play around in. Future projects may include Donut Dingbats.

And yes, that is a test font run screenshot of my handwriting. Yes, I like to write in caps.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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