banner-tuesdaythoughtssciencebearBack in July, I worked on save-the-dates for my best friend’s brother, who’s getting married next year! They wanted super nerdy save-the-dates, with a math and science-y theme. In the process, they asked to see a cute illustrated “science bear” and the above was what I sent them.

I’ve done a handful of save-the-dates for people over the past however many years. The last two that I’ve done have been really fun. They’re not super formal and they’re super cute. And as you know, I love cute things.

Last year, I worked on a 6-panel comic style save-the-date that illustrated the story of my two friends’ relationship (see: Chibi Save The Dates). This is how it turned out:


I really need to sketch more; I’ve been neglecting my Surface Pro and I feel bad. I’ve gone back to physical pen and paper for quick doodles, which is not a bad thing at all, but I do need to pick up my Surface more often.

I have so many things to illustrate!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design



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