Lightroom is amazing

banner-tuesdaythoughtsfanime_aa_portfolio_photos_WIP122914bIt’s been a while since I used Lightroom. I used to use it pretty much on a daily basis when I worked at a wedding photography company back in 2009, but now it’s just an afterthought to Photoshop, the main one I go to when I do product photography.

Product photography is important. It helps sell. And Lightroom is my savior on overcast days where I can’t get the best lighting on an item even though the natural light shining through my dining room window looks amazing in person.

For just color correction, Lightroom is a good go-to in batch editing photos. I typically use Photoshop since I don’t normally take loads of photos at a time, but yesterday, Lightroom made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Above, you can see Lightroom has helped me. The before and after are two different moods. Before, it’s obvious I had some strong overcast lighting shining in from somewhere. And after, it looks like i took the picture on a good, sunny day.

Also, for the record, I use a tiny point-and-shoot camera.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


One thought on “Lightroom is amazing

  1. I live by Lightroom. I splurged on it last year and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I use it for everything from my regular photography to my art!

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