Zoo Symbolform Design

banner-throwbackthursdayTaking a break from all the crafts and donuts I’ve been focusing on this week, here’s kind of a follow up from my throwback post last week.zoosymbolformdesign1zoosymbolformdesign2
Last week, I wrote up a post about the things I learned from my design professor, Robert Sedlack.
I mentioned he painted my Zoo Symbolform on my face. True story.

zoosymbolformdesign3The Zoo Symbolform Design was the final project for my Graphic Design 1 class. Looking back and knowing how much I cringe at my past work, this one actually wasn’t too bad for the scope of the project. Some of the initial sketches actually make me laugh, and not in a “this is the worst thing ever” way.  You can see my project in a page-by-page breakdown here.

I can’t believe I did this 8 years ago. I also can’t believe I got my own project painted on my face.



I still think it’s an interesting project and I can still appreciate it for what it is and what it taught me about design and about seals.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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