Leafy Thoughts

banner-tuesdaythoughtsstrawberryleavesWhen I was deciding how I really wanted to arrange the leaves on the tiny felt strawberry donut I was making, I showed a few different options: 5 leaves centered, 3 leaves centered, and 2 leaves off-center.

It was interesting seeing how people saw the different arrangements.

Personally, when I first made the strawberry donut, I kept thinking of a raspberry, mainly because the scalloped red frosting — if the red wasn’t so bumpy on the outside, it wouldn’t look so raspberry-ish. But I decided that I must push on — strawberry, raspberry, whateverry.

A handful of people said 3 leaves was the best, but I felt like that may have been because I already had a finished strawberry donut in the same picture with 3 leaves. One friend brought up that she saw a strawberry with the 5 leaves, a raspberry with 3 leaves, and a cherry with two leaves. The more that I looked at the picture, I kept seeing a tomato with 5 leaves, strawberry or raspberry with 3 leaves, and an apple with 2 leaves.

But, maybe I’ll make a mix of red flavors with the different leaf layouts so I don’t feel too crazy. Another friend brought up that she liked them as the plain donuts (without the faces and seeds) — I’ll keep that in mind! I think having an felt donut earring line with just the plain flavors (no faces or extra bits besides felt) would be cute, too.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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