Past Shows


Looking back on the year since it’s already December (!), I realized I pushed myself more than I intended to, but not in a bad way.

I’d been kind of quiet on the small business front due to my last job being extremely busy and demanding, and once I made a transition, I was able to start spending a little bit more time of crafts, drawing, and socializing (imagine that)!

That said, this was my first year that I did any in-person selling at any major shows. My first show was J-POP Summit in August, which I prepped a ton for and was satisfied with the outcome overall, even though the actual event could’ve used improvement at least for the vendor side of things.

MADE_APE2015Then, I decided to go for APE even though it wasn’t in San Francisco this year. I wanted to share a table with a couple of artist friends, and that was fun even though the event was kind of a mess.

A little disappointed, but still glad I made myself do it. This one wasn’t too much of a loss in terms of time and effort since I used overstock from my J-POP Summit prep.

After these two shows, I’ve seen myself grow as an artist and maker and looking forward to bringing some of my other ideas buried in my stack of sketchbooks to life next year!

With two shows behind me and neither a booming success nor total disaster, I’m selling at one final event next Thursday at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences.

Join me at the SF Bazaar Holiday Nightlife from 6–10pm next Thursday, December 10 for science and shopping!


Happy Thursday, everyone!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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