The First Big Show



I haven’t done any shows yet this year, but they are coming up. And fast.

Last year, I pushed myself into doing local events. The first major event I sold at was J-POP Summit, and it wasn’t the greatest overall, but still a good experience. It was my type of crowd, but a bit pricey. Thanks to support from friends stopping by to say hello and buy a donut or print, I generally had a good time.

I did a ton of prepwork for J-POP Summit last year, and looking back, I’m glad I did even though sales weren’t outstanding at the actual event. After having been on kind of a hiatus before then, it was nice to have inventory at home after J-POP Summit so that I could re-open my Etsy shop with new items I had made for the event.

I did two other events after that last year, and this year I’m mentally preparing for two, one being Maker Faire coming up in a few weeks. I feel less stressed out this year, so I’m really looking forward to shows this year.

While I did a lot of plush prep last year, I have done mostly print prep for this year, getting more illustrations done and turning them into prints.

Hope to see familiar faces at Maker Faire this year!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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