Maker Faire Recap


I survived my first Maker Faire.

And I enjoyed it.

Quick version: 10/10 A+ would love to sell there again.


Maker Faire has so much to see. It was great being part of it. There are things I would do differently, and now I know how I would prep for this event specifically.

This was the first time I was selling outdoors, which I was totally not prepared for at all. Friday was a preview day (open to those with passes from 1-5pm) and therefore short, but wow the weather. It was extremely windy, and since I wasn’t prepped, I didn’t put out about half my display since half was a lot of prints and paper products. I did improvise a bit, though.


A little bit discouraged from Friday since it was slow in terms of foot traffic (even though others who has previously sold at Maker Faire mentioned that), I didn’t know what to expect during the weekend.

There were so. many. children.

That was one of my big takeaways, other than the whole it being an outdoor event and how I can prep for that.

Pros and cons to the many little children running around. Overall, though, it was great. My table was a magnet for kids. If I got a dollar for every time a kid passed by and literally yelled “DONUTS!” at the top of their lungs, I would have broken even on the booth fee from that alone (or come pretty close).

It was great meeting a lot of people, both other artists and vendors as well as attendees. Besides being able to share my art and happy donuts with other people in mass quantities, networking with other artists/makers/creatives passing by was awesome. I even saw people who had previously purchased from me at shows last year, who stopped by to say hi.

I had requests and suggestions for stuff, which I’ll act on to prep for San Francisco Comic Con in September, and it was nice to see which products were more popular than others, though it seemed everything was more popular than it was at any of the shows I sold at last year.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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