Sharpie Pen + Sketchbook

I was pushing my preparation for San Francisco Comic Con hard last month after finishing up a successful Maker Faire at the end of May, and then came to a dead halt somewhere in the beginning of July.

There are a couple things I could blame this on, but in general, my motivation stopped when my energy levels started to drop.

San Francisco Comic Con is just over a month away. I may not have everything done that I wanted as I originally planned (two coloring books, lots of large donut plushes, new felt donut items), but I do have a lot of things that I haven’t had at previous shows I’ve sold at, like all the new prints and cards I have on hand.

In an effort to motivate myself again, I picked up some Sharpie pens. This morning, I grabbed a mini sketchbook on my desk before leaving for work and threw it in my bag. Posting a blog here and there might also help me get back on track for the next month.

Hopefully I feel like sketching here and there on short breaks.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design


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