Tiny Coffee Beans


Since I’ve been thinking of how to use up my piles of felt scraps, I was looking back on things I’ve made and came across these little happy coffee beans I made for fun one Saturday morning a few years ago. They became tiny felt phone charms.

Looking back at them, I think they would be cute little felt earrings, too! I’ve made a handful of donut earrings, so maybe some coffee bean ones would be fun to do.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

ICYMI: New Donut Brooches Available


I’m still in the process of making many more flavors, but in case you missed it, the Latte Donut and Blueberry Donut felt brooches are now listed in the shop!


I still have the first ones I made listed (chocolate with sprinkles, pink with sprinkles, and maple bacon), though those are currently made to order. You can pick up a brooch on Etsy here:

Happy Monday, everyone!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

The Holiday Donuts


I made a holiday set of donuts three years ago. I only made one of each flavor, with the exception of maybe one or two extra gingerbread donuts made to order.

There was the Mint Chocolate Donut, the Hot Cocoa Donut (with fluffy marshmallows!), the Gingerbread Donut, the Apple Cider Donut, the Eggnog Donut, the Spearmint Donut, the Cranberry Donut, the Cinnamon Donut, the Peppermint Donut, and the Snow Donut.

Some of them I began to hate, and others I think turned out well. I loved the Mint Choco, Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider, and Gingerbread donuts.

I’m thinking that these holiday donuts would do well as ornaments sets if I can get around to making full sets of them in ornament form in time for holiday shopping and decorating!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

Mint Chocolate Donut Brooches


After making the Latte Donut Felt Brooches, I started on some minty ones since I finally got my hands on some mint colored felt.


For this new edition of felt brooches (meaning all felt brooches made post-SF Comic Con), I’ve been sandwiching an extra layer of felt in betweeen the main donut base color. Previously, when I originally made the first brooches (chocolate sprinkled, pink sprinkled, and maple bacon), they only had two beige layers and nothing in between. The extra layer makes them slightly more sturdy and it makes them slightly more special.


I hope to finish these up this weekend if I have time!


And I’m thinking of making two version of the mint choco donut brooch. One with mint chocolate stripes (left) and one with mint chocolate frosting (right) with tiny “chocolate chip sprinkles”.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

Pink Packaging


I’ve had pink packaging on my mind for a few years now, so this is nothing new. I used to send out single plush donut keychains in pink envelopes, but wasn’t satisfied with what I was using back then.

After using pink boxes and bags for my “mystery grab” items at SF Comic Con, I realized I should get back into the pink packaging.


Donuts are generally pictured in those pink bakery boxes, so I always entertain the idea of using pink bags or boxes when I find something I like. Since I’ve been making felt brooches, I came across pink CD sleeves that used recycled paper that seemed perfect for those. Some of them came a little bit wibbly, so I’ll have to flatten those out.

But now if you order small items in my shop, they’ll probably come in a pink envelope!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design