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MADE (Mayene Design) is a small, sweet brand serving handmade original donut designs that will make you smile and maybe make you hungry!

Hi everyone! I’m Mayene (“my-en”), a designer and donut enthusiast. Running a small business drawing and designing donuts is a hobby. From food puns to cute happy donut faces, every item is created with happiness to bring you or your friends and family bits of joy. I create and offer these happy “zero-calorie” donuts online and locally at various events or places throughout the year. The shop proceeds are put towards organizations and causes I believe in, typically education or arts and culture.

If you’re looking for my non-donut design work, you can visit The Mayene Calendar for my portfolio and more info.

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2020 Update

It’s been a year since I’ve touched this space (see also: 2019 Update), and a lot has happened since then — both in life and in the world (the former, of course, affected by the latter).

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