Back In Business

banner-wipwednesdaysewingmachinelightOk, big apologies to everyone for somewhat disappearing from the handmade community/small business scene for almost a month. But guess what? My sewing machine is happily set up again. So you know what that means: back in business!

I went through a couple major changes in life at the end of July that caused me to put a temporary hold on my craftastic adventures, one being a job transition. I started a new full-time job just a week and a half ago and needed to get settled in (still settling in a bit, honestly). Second, I went through a reorganization of my studio, so my sewing machine was unplugged and collected dust since my last blog post. But don’t worry: I plan to be up and running for the holidays.

So, currently, my work-in-progress is just finishing cleaning up my house and home office. And maybe brainstorming for some geeky new things.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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