Rumchata Heart Donuts

banner-madebymemondayrumchataheartdonutsSo for one of the “friendsgiving” potlucks I went to, I brought donuts. But not just any ordinary donuts. Rumchata heart donuts.

I bake donuts instead of deep fry (though, I do have a donut batter drop thingamajiggy that I just haven’t tried or used yet), and I have a heart mold for donuts that I love using.

For those of you curious about the recipe, I used this donut recipe by @heatherchristo as a base (just the cake part, not the glaze), but replaced the buttermilk with Rumchata and the sugar with bourbon vanilla sugar. Instead of glaze, I sprinkled the donuts with cinnamon.

Even if you don’t have donut molds, this would work as a cupcake base, too!


Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

One thought on “Rumchata Heart Donuts

  1. I’ve never seen heart donut pans! So cute! I have the plain circle kind, as I too bake my donuts….hmmm I should make some for my Christmas food baskets!

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