Big Pink Donuts

banner-wipwednesdaybigpinkdonut_wip1It’s only Wednesday.

This week, I started off in bit of a funk, so I tried a few things — relaxing, playing games, hanging out with friends and catching up, listening to new music. I think I needed to chill for a bit since I was working on sewing all weekend.

Yesterday was National Pink Day, apparently, so I tried to work on making big pink donuts. I haven’t made any big donut plushes for J-POP Summit yet, so I figured I should get started on them. I thought that I should change up some of my crafting plans from mini things to bigger things since I had mostly been sewing things by hand for the last week or so. At least with the bigger donuts, I’ll be using my sewing machine a little bit more.


I cut out a bunch of large donuts to get started. I didn’t progress much farther than that.

I’m still trying to decide how exactly I want to do the sprinkles.

Hopefully I’m in the mood to sew when I get home tonight!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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