The Original Flavors

banner-throwbackthursdayoriginaldonutflavors1So, when I first started making plush donuts, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I just wanted to make cute things.

Pictured above is the first full plate of flavors I offered: an eclair, the Boston Cream Donut, a chocolate glazed donut, original glazed donuts, and some kind of cream puffs or whatever.

I think they’re cute, but in a “oh, that’s so cute, those were my first donuts” way.


Then I started ditching the paint for faces and started stitching my faces on.

Pictured above was my second plate of flavor offerings: a plain donut, the Boston Cream Donut (I really like making these, I don’t know why — probably because they’re so round and puffy), a pink frosted sprinkled donut, a chocolate glazed donut, a chocolate frosted and strawberry (I guess?) glazed donut, an eclair, and a maple bacon bar.

I still actually offer these flavors and use that stock photo I originally took of them, but I really need to make the new version and take new and better photos of them to list!

And I’ve come such a long way from original flavors to all the crazy flavors I come up with. Well, they’re not really crazy, but they’re not your typical donuts. Mmm, pineapple.

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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