Reorganization & Folding

banner-wipwednesdayHomeOffice_March2016The home office is set up! And now I feel like I’m back in business.

Feels nice to come home and have this workspace set up.

Currently, I’m mentally and physically prepping for Maker Faire in May and having my Etsy Wholesale linesheet up (which I’m aiming to publish at the beginning of April).

I’ve finally started to open some packages of products I had designed and ordered previously, but never got around to unpacking them since I didn’t want them laying around and then accidentally ruin them while reorganizing before I had a chance to take product photos of them.


The first thing I opened was my new set of cards. I’ll be working on folding all of them and packaging them individually for Maker Faire.


They turned out well and I do like the matte cardstock!

I also started to add some new items to my Etsy shop. These will soon follow.

Are you eyeing any of these cards and waiting for them to be listed online?

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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