Bostom Cream Donut Magnets

I’ve been playing around with the felt scraps I have and random things I have on hand in my drawers and craft supply shelves.

I almost forgot I had a stash of tiny magnets that I bought a while back and attempted to make some donut magnets but didn’t like the way they came out, so I stopped making them.


I tried again, this time putting more magnets on the back for a bit more strength, and also started playing around with layering the felt and using hot glue instead of stitches for some quick cuteness.

I also tried to make pink felt donuts in this matter but didn’t like the way they came out, so ended up sticking with making an army of Boston Cream Donut magnets.

These will be available for SF Comic Con in a few months!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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