We’re already just past halfway through October (wow, where did the year go?) and this is the first year I have participated in Inktober.

Confession: I didn’t look at the (or any) prompts before diving in. I just kinda figured I’d draw a different donut every day. On Day 3, though, I looked at the Inktober 2016 prompts and tied my initial drawings in with the prompts in their descriptions. I thought about how I’d just have 31 new donut drawings by the end of the month, which also kinda makes up for all the Flavor Fridays I’ve been skipping, considering my last entry was back in July.

I realize I wasn’t sticking to purely black ink(s), but I decided I’d use this time to just develop good drawing habits, as was part of the initial Inktober initiative anyway. And hey, I use sharpies as a base and white ink as needed.

But anyway, I also bought a new sketchbook last month just to have one and not necessarily for Inktober. So, I didn’t really plan anything out because the sketchbook was meant for dry media, and well, guess what, I used watercolors in it.

If you’ve been following along, I hope you’ve been enjoying my personal Inktober entries! And if you’re a fellow artist doing Inktober, I hope you’ve been enjoying it, as well!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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