WIP Wed: Layers of glitter


On Monday, I talked about glittery lettering. Today, I’m going to talk about glittery lettering again.

practiceyourpenmanship-wip2I started with painting the canvas an iridescent bright silver. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with shimmery/iridescent paint. I brushed on a few layers of paint over the course of a few days — this was killer (no, I don’t mean that I locked myself in a not-so-well-ventilated room while I inhaled acrylic paint fumes) because I had to be patient with each coat of paint before I could get to some actual glittering.

practiceyourpenmanship-wip3I had actually purchased some red and black pearlescent pigment to mix in with the red and black paint I bought, but I decided it wasn’t going to be good enough for the finished piece. I mixed in some of the pigment with the red paint and painted a coat of red for the actual lettering since I needed a base color underneath the glitter I needed to apply. I’m actually using glitter glue, which is less messy than trying to sprinkle clumps of glitter onto painted letters.

practiceyourpenmanship-wip4Of course, this layering process will probably take forever before I get to the result I want, and this isn’t even counting the black outline and glitter I still want to do around the red lettering. Yay glitter!

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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