Made By Me Monday: Donuts, donuts, donuts!


I love long weekends! I spent the first two days of my 3-day weekend crafting and crafting some more.

IMG_4717After taking such a long break from crafting and having a shop open, I seriously forgot how fun it was to sketch out ideas and then actually make them! From pen to paper to scissors and sewing machine, I whipped up 6 new flavors from what I usually offer in my Etsy shop. Now, next to all the chocolate, glazed, sprinkled, and bacon donuts, there will now be extra options!

donut-carrotcake-wrappedI also went out and bought some gift bags so that each little goodie could be individually wrapped. They’re now waiting in a box ready to be shipped out to those who want and need these delicious zero-calorie sweets! I’ll have them up and listed on Etsy soon.

This first batch is (for now) a limited edition group of donuts. I tested out new plastic black eyes (different from my regular embroidered faces) in different sizes. The blueberry and taro donuts have 12mm eyes, the red velvet and carrot cake donuts have 9mm eyes, and the watermelon and pineapple donuts have 6mm eyes. I love the 6mm eyes but they hurt my fingers to apply. The 9mm eyes seem the perfect choice, then, but I may or may not use them all the time since I love being able to put different expressions on my donuts and having these plastic eyes don’t allow for that (like the x_x or >_< face).

The watermelon donut is actually green on the bottom side. This one actually came to fruition from last week’s Flavor Friday sketch! Which one is your favorite? And what other flavors would you like to see in the future?

Love + Donuts, Mayene Design

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